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  • What makes cold process (CP) soap different?
    CP soap is a cleanser made from oils or fats and an alkaline, such as lye. The lye reacts with the oils (saponification) and turns the liquid into soap blocks . Most body cleansers (liquid and solid) on the market contain synthetic detergent products and other additives so they are classified as cosmetics and/or Drugs according to the FDA. For example, Dove is regulatred as a cosmetic product and antibacterial soaps are regulated as drugs.
  • How do I care for my bar?
    Drainage is key. Soap made from oils and fats will soften if left in water. Use a soap dish with excellent drainage to best preserve the life of your soap.
  • My soap looks ashy, is this okay?"
    Definitely! During saponification, some colors lose some of their luster. This is quite okay and only affects the asthetics of the soap. It’s still an excellent bar to use.
  • My bar is too big. Am I able to cut it?
    Yes! This will actually extend the use you get from one bar. Cut your soap with a knife and store the unused portion in a cool, dry place.
  • True or False: This soap is broken if I don’t see not one, single, solitary, bubble."
    FALSE! Different soap recipes have different levels of lather. The best thing to remember is that bubbles do not do the cleansing - it is the muscle you put into the scrub!
  • Do you do custom and personalized orders?
    Custom and personalized orders are my jam! We require full payment upfront and at least 4 weeks to complete your custom order. We can do marketing soaps, wedding favors, soaps with bridal themes and more! If you're interested in custom work, contact us.
  • What happened to the scent on my soap?
    As a soap cures (dries), the scent on top tends to fade, the soap develops something like a shell or barrier. When you wash away that outermost layer, you will find your scent intact. Also, some scents are made with volatile oils and quickly disperse in the air. Proper storage will help protect the scent of your soap. Keep it out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to enjoy that scent a little bit longer.
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